The Practical Aspects of Martial Arts

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Martial Arts As A Form Of Self-Defense. Once upon a time strangers looked out for one-another. Profanity on television was non-existent; "no sir" and "yes ma'am" were expected courtesies. With the progression of time, technology and attitudes have changed. Inflation and job loss is everywhere, crimes are rampant. Due to the wide-spread increase in criminal behavior many people have enrolled in martial arts schools across the country. Unfortunately, factual accounts of husbands killing wives, mother's murdering children, and random acts of violence make newspaper headlines almost daily, everywhere. Criminal acts, including drive by shootings, rapes, and robberies are a part of reality everyone has to deal with. These events are the driving force behind heightened interest in the martial arts. The average person wants to feel empowered and confident in themselves; having a working knowledge of self-defense methods adds to a healthy sense of self. Serious martial arts students understand their knowledge is not intended to antagonize innocent people. In fact, the hop...
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