The Powerful Impact of Technology on Education

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The Powerful Impact of Technology on Education

Technology has become much more common in the past few years in education. It has also been a blessing to some teachers; giving them more time and helping them find a unique new way to teach their students. Computers can be found in almost every single classroom and children as young as 4 years old have been taught the basic skills on the computer. Funding and new programs for computer teaching have come a long way. In the next few years, hopefully every child will have access to learning all sorts of new concepts on the computer.

Several new institutes have arisen that focus on improving technology used for educational purposes. The Institute for Computer Based Learning uses technology for higher education. Learning experts and computer experts work together daily on finding new systems to put in the schools. Their main goal is to help the children learn and have fun at the same time on the computer with specific programs. Flexible learning is a key research theme for the Institute. They have worked to further develop the understanding of task-based learning environments and telematics-based learning. These programs have a large impact of how technology in education will further in the future.

Funding for technology has come a long way. In 1999 Congress approved a plan to use $689 towards educational technology programs. Different organizations have come out that use turned in receipts from local grocery stores towards getting new computers for the schools. Others organizations are raising money to buy new computers for the schools. Other organizations are raising money to be new computers and software for schools that cannot afford it. More and more organizations are real...

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...heir time, we hay be surprised at how much they take advantage of the opportunity.

Technology is causing educators and students to have new ways of thinking about teaching and learning. When we bring technology into our school systems, we are gibing children the opportunity to live a better life. They will have higher self-esteem and feel as though they can accomplish anything that they put their mind to. In the future, computers will be main source for teaching our young children. Who knows how far technology will really take us?


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