The Power of the Internet

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The Power of the Internet

The area of technology in today's society that is expanding without bound is the Internet. Millions of people belong to the online world full of articles, shops, the latest news, virtual communities, etc. If a person needs information or directions the fastest and most successful place to turn is online. For example the quote, "You can get anything you want with a click of a mouse," has become the motto for modern day America. Inside the virtual world are millions of groups and organizations built to interest people who share common ideas, values, and goals. The Internet groups, commonly refereed to as communities, appeal to a certain aspect of everyone's lives. Finding a community that someone feels comfortable in can be a complicated process as explained in the article "Finding One's Own in Cyberspace," by Amy Bruckman. One of the major communities that has been in the news recently is the company Napster. Napsters' focus is music and attracts an audience of music lovers. The article "The Muddy Waters of Pirate Music," by Giancarlo Varanini, discusses the details of MP3's and the influence of the music industry. By examining the two articles mentioned and evaluating the idea of "communities" many opinions arise about the effect the Internet has on music and visa versa.

The music industry of America is one of extraordinary power and influence. The art of music has been around for centuries from Beethoven, to Elvis Presley, to The Rolling Stones, and in more recent times, Metallica. Music has conformed to adapt to the ever-changing societies and interests of its listeners. Today there exists a wide variety of music, whose focus attracts numerous audiences. The industry has continued to expand to ...

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...importance. The popularity of the Internet is spilling into all other major factions of America, such as advertising, music, art, film, business, etc. Online groups, such as Napster, have worked their way into mainstream America and are making more money than ever before. As people adjust to regular companies having dot COM addresses at the end of every commercial, the Internet will become a normal aspect of life. The advantages of the Internet outweigh the disadvantages and soon people with not be able to remember what life was like without it. It is time to face the facts; the Internet is here to stay.

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