The Power of Wind

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The need for alternative energy sources are going as the days go by. We need to find a better solution then using crude oil and fracking in order to get our needs met. The impact on the land, animals and the people is only getting worse, from the pollution of the earth and the the sickness presented by these energy sources the only thing we need to do now is find a better Alternative energy solution. The best solution that has been proposed is wind energy, in order to have a healthy environments for next generation children we need to switch to wind energy. The problem with hydraulic fracking is that it is polluting our important bodies of water. Not only does it hurt out water supply but it also been known to make people and animals very ill. Some of the chemicals used during fracking are used in cigarettes and also some of them chemicals are not known by scientists. When they are done fracking the chemical water used in the process is thrown in to neighboring lakes, rivers and some fields. Then the water starts to seep into the ground which then corrupts the wells homeowners use f...
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