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Between bearing the burdenful duty of restoring their planet, protecting Earth, being marked for death, and preventing a superiorly developed alien enemy from galactic takeover, Pittacus Lore’s series The Lorien Legacies places extreme expectations on its young protagonists. As the last surviving members of their species, the seven Loric children struggle to incorporate their destinies as the saviours of their planet, Lorien, with their current states of being lost, inexperienced, afraid, and alone. The Loric have only themselves and a few human allies to depend on, but this little comfort has profound effects on their development. Number Six, one of remaining Loric, transforms from a war machine living solely from a revenge to a more human character with emotions and dreams as a result of the increasingly personal relationships she forms with both her kind and her human supporters. In each of the latest three installments of the series, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, and The Fall of Five, she makes another step from viewing her life as a job to enjoying being alive.
The Power of Six is the beginning of a new lifestyle for Six. Up until this point, she had been travelling alone. She had been captured and held prisoner by her archenemy, the Mogadorians, threatened with gruesome death, and watched her Cêpan (a Loric guardian) being tortured for information (Lore, Power 82-86). By the time she escaped imprisonment, she harboured such a hatred for Mogadorians that she “...found [her]self wishing that it would have been possible to kill [the Mogadorian] a little more slowly. Or to kill him again” (Lore, Power 90). In the initial stages of her travel with Number Four, known as John, she adheres to this purpose. Her biggest priori...

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...umanity. Emotion, passion, intuition — these are fundamentally what human beings live off of. It’s what makes humans happy to be alive. The Loric have very little reason to be happy in the series. Their childhoods were led in fear of being hunted. They didn’t belong, and watched those close to them die at the hands of their enemies. It’s heartbreaking. But through forming relationships as Number Six did in The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, and The Fall of Five, even the most heavy-burdened Loric can develop some humanity. Even a beaten, stone-hard warrior such as Six can find happiness in being human — being Maren — even if it’s only for one fleeting moment.

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