The Power of Media

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Today media has evolved since the beginning of the country. Newspaper was the main source of new but in the 21st century news media comes in three type, print media, broadcast, and new media. This has allowed media to increase the efficiency of getting their information out to the public. During critical times in a year such as election season, the media determines what issue either domestic or global, is worthy to cover. This ability which the news media obtains, gives them the power to influence the Public Opinion which influence on what they believe what action the President and Congress should be included in the country’s political agenda. Elections results are also critically affected by what is said throughout the media since public opinions are centered on what the media says.
During the early years of the United States, most of the citizens would obtain their news from their local newspaper. Print media had the ability to be more detailed about their news which gave them the advantage of influencing their readers. Although this is still an effective way to inform people about news, but it did have some disadvantages. One of them was that it takes at least one day to read about an event or information that happens today. The other disadvantage was the demographic print media attracted. The population that read newspapers has the following characteristic: educated, Caucasian, and people over 65. This limited the amount of people newspaper were able to target until technology gave them the opportunity to increase their demographic.
As technology started to advance, so did the media. The development of broadcast media and new media (social and internet) increase the demographic which the news was able to reach. Broadcast medi...

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...r turnout during the past election due to the involvement of social media being used as a campaign aid.
Media has a unique influence on public opinion and elections which leads them to have a profound impact on setting the country’s agenda. The country direction is determined by what the media say and the interest of the public. This country runs on a democracy government in order to give what the people want. But since most of the people get their political knowledge through media, their actually give the government what the media wants. Abraham Lincoln once stated “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.” But once you take a step back and look the amount of influence of the media has on the citizen of the US. You notice that most of the choice the country makes is determine by the way media is used and what the media has to say.
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