The Power of Knowledge

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In many cases it seems both logical and necessary to obtain an education in order to broaden the horizon as well as expand ones knowledge of not only a classroom education, but also an education of the world we live in. Education is a gateway to a positive future and a successful life. According to George Washington Carver, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” Education is not a gift; it is a process that takes dedication and hard work in order to achieve the most positive outcome. Without education, many things cannot be accomplished; and many positive aspects of ones life could be missing. A beneficial education has the power to do great things, but a wasted education could lead to destruction.
A prime example of a beneficial and advantageous education would be that of Frederick Douglass, who struggled through extreme adversity but had the mindset to stop at nothing in order to achieve an education. In the early stages of his life, he discovered how a slave obtains freedom and he stated that it is through education in itself. Once the initial flame was lit, Douglass refused to stop learning and even through struggle, he knew that it would benefit him. He stated, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” He went so far as to take bread from his master’s house so that he could trade it for a short lesson of writing or A,B,C’s from the town white boys. To Douglass, education was valued as the very thing that could release him from bondage and set him free.
Douglass not only achieved his goals, but he created a gateway for other slaves to take a stand to build their own confidence in setting themselves free. Douglass earned his freedom and he deserved it. Douglass battled through separation, starv...

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... students struggled through problems due to racism, gang violence, etc. Their resources for knowledge were also very different, as Douglass learned from little white boys, and the students learned from their teacher, Mrs. G. The goal of Frederick Douglass was to earn knowledge for freedom while the students’ main goal was to graduate from high school and to lead a life of success.
The power that can come from earning an education can be so fulfilling and beneficial that it makes a lasting impact on generations to follow. Regardless of how Douglass or the students received their education, they both left an impact, as well as reached their goals. Frederick Douglass found his freedom and the students overcame their struggles in school. Through these two examples, education was proven to be something of a miracle and something that is earned - not given.
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