The Power of Guiding Children

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The Power of Guiding Children
Over the course of an individual’s life span, one is seen forming relationships with several people in whom they find their presence an important aspect to their life. However, among these relationships, parent-child relationships are the most valuable, but also very complex. These relationships are built from a foundation of interaction starting from the birth of the child to their adulthood. Unfortunately, if this involvement is not present within a child’s life, it can ultimately cause them to feel neglected causing outrageous conflicts, behavior issues and emotional disputes. Parental involvement within a child’s life allows them to gain a sense of security ultimately increasing new learning of the child regarding ones newly developed personality traits impacting the way children approach situations in the future. When Help Hurts, Praise worth Receiving, Putting Children on the Path, Parent Children Relationships and Divorce in Early Childhood can Harm Adult Ties with their Parents are several articles that explore the topic of parental involvement and beneficial outcomes it has upon a child’s future and allows the relationship to blossom further.

When Help Hurts published in June 2013 and Praise Worth Receiving published in July 2012 both identify the importance of involvement of parents within a child’s upbringing and specifically highlights the positive outcome communication plays whether it is in the form of praise or motivation for the child and the parent. It is often seen that a child’s behavior and attitude is reflected by the parents’. Motivation through praise is one of the ways parents can encourage children to do their best as it allows one to gain a greater self-confidence. Descript...

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... their contributions are worthy and appreciated. This appreciation they receive upon completion of tasks develops one’s confidence as they desire to strive for excellence. This confidence remains with them throughout their life allowing children to take on situations with the mindset to endeavor for success. Although parents are providing children with various opportunities to develop responsibility and self-belief, it is important that parents do not rescue children. It is important for them to know what is expected of them, what role parents play in their life and that as a parent you will be there to support your child when faced with a problem, but not solve this problem for them. Once children learn to self-correct their own mistakes it helps by maturing brain development as they become aware of their surroundings allowing them to learn from their mistakes.
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