The Power of Electricity: Ampere Watt

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When one looks upon the history of carbon-based life forms, a long list of miraculous contributions to the progression of humankind arises. One that is indubitably imperative is the fascinating and mesmerizing power of electricity. Electricity allows all of us to live life easier with more skill. It has provided children and adults with information, entertainment, and most importantly, time together.

Not one person on earth knew this fact better than Mr. Ampere Watt. Mr. Watt had a love for physics when he was in high school, that being so he dedicated his post-educational life to the wonderful world of electricity. Many apprenticeship programs later he was a certified electrician. He was unbelievably talented at his job and never made an error or a miscalculation. The only thing Mr. Watt did not understand was the impact of his corporation on his community.

The astonishing success that came with his job provided him with many opportunities, one of which being a trip to his corporations annual convention held in Ohm, Michigan. He left his family of four on a two and a half day journey to Michigan. On arrival a large sign covered the front of the building that stated: “Welcome Electricians!” He found the banner dull as he drove into the facility’s parking lot. Looking around he saw many electricians, or what he thought were electricians, walking towards the building. He caught up with the large, mobile group and began to venture with them towards the entrance.

Inside of the building was a massive dome shaped room, big enough to fit three statues of liberties in with room to spare. Lining the walls were several booths situated about seven feet from each other. The environment reminded Mr. Watts of a high school career fair. Li...

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...l under what pretence he was called, he just thought it was another call to fix another family’s power. Dumbfounded by this revelation he thought about how he had influenced the little girl’s life by responding to that call. He wondered what would have happened to the poor mother if she had not gotten an ample amount of food. The story made him realize that with every home’s power he fixed, someone’s life was changed in some way, whether miniscule or gargantuan.

After many booth visits, and many epiphanies, Ampere Watt had completely altered his outlook of his occupation, and he had new knowledge of his role in his community. He left the conference with many new feelings opinions and had rekindled in him a fire he had not felt since he first started his job. Ampere Watt continued his work as an electrician and he will forever continue his changing of lives.
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