The Power and Purpose of Dreams

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The human brain is capable of handling and performing even the most detailed tasks. Although scientists can’t fully and clearly explain what that the definition of dreaming is, observing, testing, and performing different practices, has given experts and scientists enough information to have a general idea of what is going on in the human brain while in this dream state. It is a way to travel into time or into a place that could never exist. Dreams can be a gateway to see your future, to what lies ahead or a way to look back on memories. But not all dreams are made of absolutely perfect worlds, to where nothing can seem bad. Dreams are not always the best. When they are, they can give people an incredible feeling, but when they're not, they can make people scared and frightened, some even superstitious. Dreaming is just one thing many people are unsure about, and may never fully understand its purpose or meaning. There's so much people don't know about dreaming such factors are what dreaming is, how the body works while dreaming, and what purpose dreams have.

To many people, the definition of dreaming is the first step to understanding dreams. Dreams are images thoughts, and emotions, that are experienced during sleep (Cherry, 2009). However, states:

A dream is a progression of images, sounds, and emotions that the mind creates and experiences during sleep. The content, purpose and meaning of dreams is not fully understood even though the topic has been one of interest and greatly speculated for quite some time. (Sleep Care, 2002)

Clearly this source means dreams are unexplained events that occur at night while the human body is at rest sleeping.

Nova PBS provides credible and reliable information wh...

... middle of paper ... brain holds. There will always be factors of dreams that people will struggle to understand, but scientists must know what factors to look for and such factors are: the true definition of dreams, how the body works while dreaming, and the purpose of dreams.

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