The Power Of Youth Love In Like Water For Chocolate By Luara Esquivel

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The Power of Youth Love Like Water for Chocolate is a great piece of writing by the amazing Luara Esquivel.
It’s a fantastic read and the novel is very easy to understand. The story is as beautiful as it is sad at times, and really pulls the readers into all the characters and story lines. The story is about a Mexican family with a lot of strange traditions where man Elena is the evil mother who’s trying to suck the happiness out of each one of their daughters life. However Mama Elena is trying to destroy their happiness using the family traditions, Tita doesn’t stop fighting for her forbidden love Pedro.The story keeps getting interesting and by using the magical realism; its even getting more excited.Tita’s portrayed as the strong loving woman that’s being treated as a slave through her inner fire which is full of love and passion. To start with, Tita is a sensitive girl since day one, who faced a lot of problem through her life because of her cruel mother. Tita was born in the kitchen next to onions. The writer said “Tita was so sensitive to onions, any time they were being chopped, they say she would just cry and cry". While being born a stream of tears came out with her that dried, and the family took the salt from it for cooking. Through the story the writer show how Tita use her tears to show deep emotional connections. Tita’s character is portrayed as a strong girl trying to find and enjoy true love. Tita is in love with pedro, but she is facing a lot f problems because of their love .Although She wants to marry him , they can’t because of Mama Elena’s family tradition.The
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The book is written in a beautiful way and make the reader so close to the characters in it. The way Tita’s love and passion is described the novel is astonishing. Anyone reading the book will like how the love story between Pedro and Tita won at the end and how they fought everything that tried to hold them