The Power Of Yet, And Lao Tzu's Speech Of The Power Of Yet

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Amber YANG- Eng 101-024-Paper #1- January 27, 2015 The Power of Yet How do we define the power of yet and why is it significant? “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” (Lao Tzu). Even though there are many steps ahead of us, if we choose to begin with a single step, then everything will be possible. In the article of “The power of yet” and “Asking Students Harder Questions”, Professor Dweck inspired others with her speech of the “power of yet”. She told her audience that the word “yet” and “not yet” is different, but are in the same format because one is when they are making progress and the other is when they are almost there. It is important because a lot of people don’t care about their learning process and it made their lives miserable. Many of us have a dream job when we were little, such as becoming a dentist, pilot, astronaut, animal rescuer, and many more. Could those dreams really come true? It sure can because if one start from the beginning, then they will accomplish toward the end. Everything can be possible, only if one believe in it. How will…show more content…
Haven’t they thought that if they use their knowledge to help someone that need help, they might be the one that is able to change someone’s life. There are many people out there who can’t even go to school because they have no money. They are lucky to have the opportunity to sit in a class and listen to their teacher’s lecture. They are wasting their parent’s money because they are wasting the time socializing instead of using their valuable time. In the future if they didn’t have a well-paying job, maybe one day they will regret their choices and question themselves, who they are and why they even exist today. People can use their love and strength to help the people around
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