The Power Of Technology In Consider Jonathan Mostow's Film Surrogates

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In contrast, while machines will never reach a status where they can be considered conscious, emotional, and intelligent humans, they still possess a bearing advantage over humanity. Humans are inherently extremely susceptible to influence taking a negative tolls on their lives. Humans are vulnerable, frail, and exposed; traits that machines will never have to deal with. Such an advantage would normally be considered as a good aspect, but this same advantage also serves as a crucial detail when differentiating human beings and machines. Self augmenting machines might at some point reach a status where they meet the seven biological characteristics, which are “cell composition, organization, energy usage, environment awareness, growth, reproduction,…show more content…
In a utopian world, we are introduced to the concept of surrogates, or substitutes for humans to live life safely and without fear. Humans in this time use robots controlled with their minds in order to do everything they want to do. They can be whoever they want to be and as attractive as they’d like. Consequently, after using the surrogate system for long, viewers can see that humans are afraid of life without the shielding of their robots, and feel hatred towards themselves because they are not who they want to be. In the world of Surrogates, humans have become so dependent on technology and the invulnerability it provides that they have become super aware of their fragileness and decided to isolate themselves from real life. The film shows just a small spectrum of how susceptible and influentiable humans are, and how anything could destroy the little balance we have. In addition, observe the dilemma posed by Tim Wu’s article, As Technology Gets Better, Will Society Get Worse?, and pay particular attention to the effect of technology on the people of the Oji-Cree tribe. According to the article, the people of the Oji-Cree tribe…show more content…
Subsequently, it is important to think about the future and what it holds for humans. What will become of the human race as technology keeps on developing? The short answer is: we don’t know; but as we all could figure, the short answer is never inclusive. Consider The Singularity - When Technology Becomes Sentient, an informative video created by artists James Portnow and Daniel Floyd, along other artists. In the narration we are reminded of the concept of “The Singularity.” As a refreshed, “The Singularity” is defined by the point in time in which technology becomes capable of augmenting itself. No matter how this situation is achieved, the end is the same: “everything changes” (Portnow, n. pag). Still, “[after the singularity] all our models for predicting what will happen end up collapsing because said models are built according to human growth and intelligence”(Portnow, n. pag), therefore it is difficult to grasp what will become of technology once this threshold is broken. What we do know, though, is that technology will never reach a conscious state where it has become “self-aware.” It will never develop a consciousness, and be able to understand social cues and body language to the extent that we do. We might see a rudimentary intelligence capable

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