The Power Of Relationship To Society By Joyce Carol Oates

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Joyce Carol Oates could be described as a “social novelist” but of a peculiar kind. She is not concerned with demonstrating the power of relationships, but rather the struggle of people expressing their fate with relationships to society. Oates also wants to express her concern with people in a way that they express themselves and the conscious they are ‘living’ in. She is also more than most woman writers, she is expressively open to the social turmoil, and the chaos of American life. Oates states how the human mind is simply a “wonderland”, and the significance of that to the social conflicts that is America today simply collide but do not connect (Wagner-Martin, 117). She was born in 1938 in Lockport New York and has published over 40 novels and creating countless short stories, as well as plays and poetry. She had a passion for writing since she was young, but growing up in a prime time in America’s economic, and social issues, she was greatly influenced. This connection to society stuck with her work and we can see this, as she is classified with a “social novelist” but with a twist. She discreetly includes these issues with touches of creepy themes, characters, places, and icons as a way of her own symbolic meaning to her stories. Her work consists of “unsettling” or “disturbing” themes throughout of her novels and stories. One could see this as a type of entertainment but why does she continue to write in such an obscene direction? Oates mentions that does not understand why she continues to write in such a disturbing way but rather has a desire to write about society. She mentions how society’s behavior in a way is taken for granted therefor wants to express these social issues within her work in underlying tones. I feel ... ... middle of paper ... ...leton can’t make sounds, she’s imagining it or she’s going insane from hearing the sound from somewhere else. When she’s talking to this skull, she says “I’m here now, don’t worry.” Which is odd enough because Oates uses his morbid use of imagery, and in this story, she connects it with an older lady who seems innocent but nearly crazy (Oates). Joyce Carol Oates seems to be a women with a secret passion for horror, but she writes with an elegance that it almost seems natural when reading her stories. The way she even talks within interviews is stated to be “perfectly performed sentences” (Phillips). She writes with grace and when she ties in these horrific scenes it almost doesn’t seem as dark as it really is. Maybe this skill she uses is also a hidden talent she uses to snatch the reader’s attention, because when one reads her work, it simply can not be put down.
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