The Power Of Power In 'Battle Royal'

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In Battle Royal, it is clear that power wasn 't necessarily shared. There is generally a ruling group, and everyone falls underneath them. Southern literature shows the requirements in a distinct way. Status depends on the color of skin, and the gender. The rich white men in Battle Royal run the show, while the black men and the white girl are there for entertainment, therefore explaining where the power may be centralized. Gender is not the main concern in southern literature. Although, little power is given to women. The only white woman in Battle Royal is there for the men 's pleasure. Her presence is limited, thus representing her lack of importance. "I saw the terror and disgust in her eyes, almost like my own terror and that which I…show more content…
Authority may even come the amount of wealth a person has. "I trembled with excitement, forgetting my pain. I would get the gold and the bills, I thought." The narrator simply fought for a speech and the chance for money. "The rug was electrified... But I saw that this was not stopping the other boys... I crawled rapidly around the floor, picking up the coins... Ignoring the shock by laughing..." By the end, his reward was a scholarship for college and some money he has to catch on the electric floor. He did not receive his money by winning the fight where he where the prize is $10. He tried bribing his opponent. " 'Fake like I knocked you out, you can have the prize... I 'll make it five dollars more... Seven? ' " Some would 've assumed the opponent would take the bribe. Perhaps he did not due to uncertainty. Money is not as important to the narrator. "I wanted to deliver my speech and he came at me as though he meant to beat it out of me." Although money wasn 't his motivation, he still had to participate. The other black men fought for the money, thus being an obstacle for the…show more content…
Power is determined even before birth. When written in a colored person 's view, it shows the struggle the characters go through. When written in a white character 's point of view, the issues can be dealt with by personal development. Some issues may include religion, hypocrisy, and education. Battle Royal shows that racial issues are far from over. Southern literature captures how unfair life can be for colored people. They had to fight, sometimes literally, for things that could easily be handed to white men. The narrator sees himself as an invisible man. The timeline makes it clear that a colored person can live an invisible life despite their personal

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