The Power Of Power And Leadership

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I have a lot of experience in many things from education, customer service so forth and to end with parenting, so I have several styles of influence, power and leadership and all of which I have used, just not in this order. To influence is the capacity of the power of a person’s things in which they may be compelling force or able to produce effects and actions. Power means the ability to act or the capability of doing to accomplish something, as in the lecture power is the ability to marshal resources. Leadership is the function or position to direct or guide a group or groups of people, or as the lecture states the process of inspiring and guiding others to participate. It is my personal opinion that with all these styles a person still needs self-management as discussed in this semester as well. You cannot have someone that may has influence, power and leadership, yet lacks self-awareness. How can they lead a pack? My previous jobs have many individuals that portrayed to be leaders whom pretended to have power that influenced us, however they lacked self-management, and all of the above. While working and volunteering as a child care assistant and a CNA in high school, I encountered a lot of styles when it came to influence, power and leadership. Both jobs had leaders that showed us right from wrong and had our best interest at hand. I do agree that leadership is one of its own and one of the most difficult with a rewarding benefit. I will also say that our leaders invested many times in the mental side of business as well as the financial side, and leaving all customers and clients satisfied. However, when it came to power and influence, I noticed in this career for myself both jobs lacked this for me and it was only due to... ... middle of paper ... ...and regardless of my years there, then totaling eight (8) years. After all the turmoil and drama, I have experienced throughout all my working years I have a different outlook on things. All that I endured then I will not endure this time around, as long as I see fit. A person cannot let the influence of others and the power they may or may not have interfere with you and your career or the path you see for yourself. Yes, they may have leadership and skills behind their name, but do they have more of a reward or coercive power or is it more of a legitimate power. Exactly which base of power is it that I want to see myself along with my new career in? Better yet, do I want to be the one to have the power to influence my team that I have the leadership skills that are needed to make this a successful company no matter where I may be and to include one owning my own.

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