The Power Of Makeup

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I believe different things influence different people. For me, growing up, it was the present I got for Christmas when I was ten years old. I had been begging my parents for this huge makeup kit that I saw at Ulta, when I was Christmas shopping with my mom. So when it came time to write my Christmas list, that kit was item number one. Therefore once Christmas morning came, I ran downstairs to open up my gifts and there it was. After that, every time someone came over our house, from my grandma to my aunts and even my own mom, I would ask them to do their makeup. I loved being able to take a person, and be able to enhance their beauty that much more with makeup. Granted at ten years old I didn’t see it that way, but I knew that I loved doing…show more content…
People, society and just about every judgmental person in the world sees makeup as a mask. I even did for a while. I saw it as a means to cover up your imperfections and make the world see you as something that you are not, and I could not have been more wrong. I loved watch tutorials and one day there was one that popped up that pretty much shifted my entire perspective. “The Power of Makeup” was a video by one of my favorite makeup artist Nikki De Jager. In the video she basically split her face in half. One side of her face being completely beautiful glamour makeup and the other side her fresh, clean and naked face. When she finished, she talked about how makeup is used to enhance beauty, not hide it. It gives people that extra confidence to show their true self to the word and use makeup as a form of self-expression to show your individuality, and to me that was absolutely amazing. I know I struggled with self-confidence when I was younger, but I treated makeup as a means to hide, not show myself and who I was. Thanks to that video, I now see the true beauty in makeup, body painting and special fx. It is a form of art that I want to continue doing for the rest of my life. Millions of images, videos, and words flash in front of our eyes every day. For a while I let them tell me what I needed to be, do and look like. I had lost my sense of uniqueness, and then one day my heart spoke for me. Having the opportunity to learn from the teachers at L Makeup and continue my passion, is probably one of the greatest gifts I can ask for. I believe different things influence different people, and makeup has inspired me to embrace myself and who I really am, and to chase after my dream

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