The Power Of Habit Essay

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Habits become wired into our brains so deeply we perform them automatically;, hence stating that these actions are habitual. A habit is defined as an acquired behavior pattern that is repeated until it has become involuntary form. In Duhiggs book, The Power of Habit, he explains scientific studies on how habits form and the how they can be transformed. Habits usually become an unconscious activity and not even known they are being done. Habits usually are bad but can be good for the most part. At times the individual is not even aware that the habit is hurting them dramatically. Duhigg states that “Habits emerge without permission” (26). I had developed a habit that is somewhat typical of the twenty first century; which is constantly being on my phone. This habit is reducing my social life to a bare minimum because I am…show more content…
It is when the individual keeps the cue and reward but changes the bad habit. Duhigg states that “if you use the same cue, and provide the same reward, you can shift the routine and change the habit, almost any behavior can be transformed….” (67). For example, Tony Dungy, coach of the buccaneers, wanted his players to change their ways. He wanted them to react with an automatic and habitual instinct. Then again, he got his team to win the championship. Dungy said “champions don’t do extraordinary things; they do ordinary things, but do them without thinking…” He eventually became one of the most successful coaches in the NFL that year. The way I will change my habit according to this rule is to change the routine itself by putting my phone somewhere I cannot get a hold of it while I am with my friends or family and maybe set a time limit for myself having it on me. This eventually will lead to a day where I do not need my phone on me, but these set of rules may not work for everyone. In order for it work, people must believe it is possible to

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