The Power Of Democracy

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Okay, so back on track. Hmm…considering democracy. Even though liberals believe in an arbitrary government, their belief in democracy is in the fact that individuals determine who is to rule by regular competitive elections. Since they fear that the government will become tyranny, there are constraints such as a constitution, checks and balances and protection of human rights, to limit the power of the government. The democracy in itself also constrains the abuses of power amongst the individuals. Humans according to liberals are self-seeking ad selfish and can be dangerous when they have power. Power corrupts and ones a person has that power and ability to influence the decision of others, he or she can use the power for personal gains. It’s for this fear, that liberals consider a democracy through a limited government.
Contrary to this, anarchists believe in direct democracy and lobby for popular participation. But Naa in this modern age, how does one practice direct democracy with our large population? Which area will be big enough to hold such a population? Besides if we all go to the leaders with our problems, how long will it take for our complaints to be heard much less worked upon? That’s why I side with liberals on a limited representative democracy despite their fear of it.
Nevertheless, fascists embrace the idea of a totalitarian government. They believe that a true democracy is in absolute dictatorship as the leader is the best person endowed with ideological knowledge and he alone can make clear the actual desires of the people. They are of the stance that political parties and elections are corrupt and immoral. (Heywood, 2012) However, because I am of the notion that leaders have to be accountable for their actions ...

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...Smith termed the “invisible hand.” (Heywood, 2012) But an uncontrolled capitalist economy can lead to the exploitation of the poorer people in society. If a single individual were to be responsible for the production of water, which is a necessity good, it will be to the detriment of others when he decides to inflate prices whenever he wants to. This is why there has to be a government intervention to control prices of necessity goods like water and electricity to protect consumers.
Naa, I need to end here. My fingers are hurting from so much tying. Can you reply this letter to me when I’m seventy to know what you believe as at now? Don’t forget to tell me the thoughts that ran through your mind when you read this piece okay. I hope the much awaited fat finally covered the body and you stuck to the plan of just three children. My regards to the husband and children.
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