The Post Office

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Amal affected the lives of many people in his community. He shed a new light on the working class jobs of India. He in many ways is an inspiration to show that any life is better than a life spent indoors, but a life spent indoors is not necessarily a life wasted. Amal helps people in the play because he shows them how to appreciate their life and the job they are doing in it. Throughout the story we see that on numerous occasions Amal has let people leave his window happy, or happier than when they arrived at least. He has a child like innocence to everything he says. Its as if since he can't go out and experience the world, the people he helps bring the world to him. He is still such a small child that he does not fully comprehend what these people are truly doing for him, they are not only telling tales of their jobs, but he is becoming learned of the world, and not through book work like he dreads, but through the experiences of the people outside of his window. One of the first prime examples of Amal helping someone in the story is the man selling curds. He is your run...
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