The Possible Danger of Mobile Phones to our Health

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The Possible Danger of Mobile Phones to our Health

Ever since the price of mobile phones dropped, resulting in a huge

increase in the number of people owning them, the question has always

been asked as to whether they are safe and if they pose a danger to

our health. The full results of long-term use on such a huge scale has

never been able to be tested, as quite simply they have not been

around long enough for the symptoms to make themselves clear. What are

the effects of mobile phones and how serious are they? Should we

continue to use them, or are the effects so serious that they should

be abolished as soon as possible?

New reports continue to be published suggesting that there might be

health risks from mobile phones electromagnetic radiation. There can

be no doubt any longer that mobile phone radiation affects living

cells. For example research shows that nematode worms exposed to

mobile phone radiation produce more eggs, release stress hormones and

grow larger. But what is the effect of mobile phone radiation on

people? Could we see a mass court action in twenty years time against

telecom companies by people claiming compensation for health damage

caused by radiation? It's a possibility, even though at present the

clear evidence suggests that if there is any effect on human health at

all, it is a very, very low risk for the individual user

However some studies have caused concern in the media. For example, in

March, 2003 a study in the International Journal of Oncology suggested

that mobile phone users had a 30% increased risk of brain tumours-

mainly accoustic neuromas- that occurred close to the ear used for

mobile ph...

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... for money, will use their phone to the limit of the minutes available

to them. This may mean that they subject themselves to the extreme

radiation that Professor Leif Salford talked of regarding the effects

it has on rats. However research on humans is extremely limited at

this stage. Furthermore, I realise that within the next generation,

when far more detailed research has been conducted with the benefit of

hindsight, awful results may be found. It may be that all of my

generation have been subjected to radiation with results no one

anticipated. However, it is only possible to draw conclusions from the

evidence available at present.

In all, the conclusions that are available to this wide forum are as

indecisive as they are conclusive. My research has led me to ask as

many questions as I have been able to answer.

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