The Possible Consequences of Bullying

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Bullying Have you ever bullied by someone since you were in high school until now? Bullying is kind of bad behavior that all the people in society hated. But sometime people bullied their friends because they just want to have fun. However, being bullied is fearful that can normally lead confident people to become self-conscious, suicidal and unconfident.

Firstly, bullying can make people to become self-conscious, because it can easily to lose their controlled. Victim is hesitated to do something and they might feel nervous. For example, students in campus were bullying by their classmates such as black-mail and threaten. So, they feel very frightened of their classmates, and they always think their classmates can bully them all the time. Next, victims completely disappear on trying a new thing. This means those people can focus to do their job, assignment and studying. Also, victim avoids of trust people around them, that can lead they think on negative things to people around them, even their best friends. Consequently, “Negative emotions are defined as self-conscious emotions that occur when individuals evaluate themselves negatively and/or when they feel that others are passing negative judgment on them.”(Céleste B and Lee R, p.690). Therefore, self-conscious is an unfavorable for people who normally are confident doing a thing to become a weak person.

In addition, bullyingcan be led to suicidal due to they were bullied. Victim will consider committing suicide because they can’t find the solution. For instance, they were bullied by someone that forces them to do something that they can’t or sometime made them feel very embarrassing such as sexual and personal photograph. Also, it can lead they see no worth in themselves beca...

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...lves with the problems and never seek others for help. They are unsure with what they are doing and become unconfident with themselves. According to these issues, bully is factor that affects a whole humanity; it leads normally people become self-aware, forces to commit self-destruction, and Precarious with them.

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