The Positive Influence of Religion

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A number of modern scholars have tried to depict the real meaning of religion, but each time they fail because of the complexity nature of the subject. Some of the definitions fail to include other religious group's beliefs hence leading to partiality or some key concepts are left out in the process. Religion is meant to motivate the aspects of human behavior beyond those which would be strictly considered to be of religious concern. The institutional structure which is responsible for the promotional of the beliefs has taken up rapid growths.
The ubiquity of religion postulates a two way approach with one part in support of the religious instinct and the other section arguing on the diversity nature of religion. The two approaches form the main conflict among them to seem as if religion is a social acquired characteristic in human beings. It has hailed support from numerous sociologists who illustrate that religion is a social concern that is meant to regulate and control the society in which it thrives (Herbert, 30).
The key parameter to solve his complexity is the fact that religion is always an experience that begins at some individual level or small group of people who share a common resolution. Hence, religion can be described as that perspective which originates in an attempt to represent and order beliefs, feelings, imaginations and actions that arise from the stimulation of direct experiences of the sacred and the spiritual. As this opens up and expands it becomes a process that creates meaning upon itself on sustenance from two angles points of view; originating experiences and continuing responses. This paper analyses some of the positive and negative attributions about religion in the society. It encompasses some of t...

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