The Positive Impact Of Technology: How Technology Has An Impact On Society

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3. Though computers have had a very large effect on society, its uses can be perceived from a positive point of view and a negative point of view because technology has an effect on economic and cultural growths; and, growths as an individual (My Essay Point, 2015). The two most positive impacts of computing would be easy information access and fast, accurate data processing; whereas the two most negative impacts of computing would be family and leisure interruptions, and a loss of privacy. Easy information access is a positive impact of computing because computer software has become more user-friendly at the moment of an electronic storage device’s interface, giving more people access to the information they want with less effort, such as…show more content…
Despite that electronic storage devices such as laptop computers and other mobile devices allow many people to work from home or be on call 24 hours a day, this makes it difficult to keep a separation between work and home life. To elaborate, this affects the cultural growth and growth of the individual because work-related duties can interfere with family time at a moment’s notice, leading to the boundaries between personal and professional time to become strained (Barett, 2015). When the individual makes professionalism as a constant top priority, they may become unhealthy because they are not taking care of themselves, which would cause their family to worry, yet the family is unsure of what to do because the electronic storage device may have comfortably transitioned permanently and the individual recognizes that the device is the only important…show more content…
Since much of the personal data was either disorganized or not connected before computers found a place in every home, the Internet’s ease of data gathering combined with deliberate efforts by businesses to exploit personal information has led to a widespread sharing of formerly private data (Barett, 2015). To elaborate, electronic personal data becomes a target for businesses because of market research and product development. Thus, there is a lack of cultural growth and value in the economic growth because human-to-human interaction becomes irrelevant when a business can use electronic storage devices as a messenger between their potential customers and themselves with the use of applications. In this circumstance, one can consider Facebook’s business model where they collect personal data on the individual’s Facebook profile when the individual wants to use a Facebook application. The collected personal data is used by businesses who make these Facebook-compatible applications to create more similar applications, only to constantly suggest their applications on the individual’s News Feed. However, the individual desires to have privacy in their personal life in its electronic

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