The Positive Effects Of Video Games In Our Society

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An ever-looming question, as technologies and mediated communications grow, is whether video games do our society harm. As many citizens are “gamers”, this topic generates a lot of interest in today’s society. Through personal experience and research people have examined video game usage at different stages of life: toddler, adolescent, teen, adult, and senior citizen. Video games have substantially more positive influence on society than negative consequences. There was a time not that long ago that the world of a toddler involved being read to and entertaining themselves with blocks, dolls and stuffed animals. It was acceptable for them to learn on their own level and at their own pace. In society today, children are expected to know how to spell their name, recognize letters of the alphabet, color within the lines and be on the verge of reading simple sentences. Knowing that the expectations of…show more content…
It is a time when children start developing their interests. Children in this age bracket can benefit from video games in a host of ways. Depending on the games they play, they are forced to process information and make quick decisions as well as learning to focus. While playing some games, “Legends of Zelda” being an example, players have to search, negotiate and plan different approaches to advance in the game. “Gamers” of this age are also taught to think on their feet and hone their social skills. Kids this age see video games as a social activity and a way to make friends with a common interest. It also leads them to have a competitive spirit which can be a good trait in life yet being a substitute for rough play. They are taking their aggressions out using the video game and not another person. The NCAA Football series is a perfect example of how adolescents can take away the violence, and they could enjoy doing it. Games have also been shown to help distract children who are ill or have injuries from pain and
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