The Positive Effect: The Principles Of Double Effect

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The principle of double effect suggests that it is morally permissible to carry out an action which has two effects; one being positive, while the other is negative. With this in mind, there are certain criteria that need to be met. First, the act should be considered good or permissible. Any negative effects cannot be avoided in the event that the good criteria or action is carried out. Lastly, the negative effect is said to be a side effect of the positive or permissible aspect. Overall, the good should outweigh the bad effect. If the bad effect is heavier than the good, the action should not be carried out. With this in mind, these aspects of the principle of double effect should be considered and applied to these cases. In the first case,…show more content…
However, in this case, if the woman does not take the medication, she will die. If the woman dies, then her baby will also die. According to natural law, taking this drug is permissible. The act, aside from the consequences would save the young woman’s life. Considering the next criteria to the rule, the negative effect of aborting the fetus cannot be avoided. If the woman wants to survive and cure her disease, the only way that she can accomplish this is to abort the fetus. Lastly, the negative effect is lesser than the positive effect. Although aborting the fetus sounds harsh, the baby will not survive in either case. If the young woman who is pregnant does not take the medication to cure her disease, she will die, resulting in the death of the baby as well. On the other hand, if she does take the medication, she will survive, but the fetus will be aborted. As difficult as this may be to consider, this is the better option. In this case, one life would be saved, rather than losing…show more content…
We all know there is right and wrong, and that we should focus on doing what is right. However, in many cases such as these two provided to us for this assignment, choosing good has some serious consequences. Unfortunately, life gives us difficult situations, and some cannot always avoid the negative outcomes or side effects that come with the positive action. As individuals, we should strive to avoid evil, and seek good. Although the situations had some negative consequences, in these cases, the good actions were taken according to the principle of double

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