The Positive Characteristics Of Masculinity

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“Violent, aggressive, forceful, assertive, hateful, arrogant, and stubborn” (Prentice/Carranza 1-2) are all generally perceived descriptions of what is known as masculinity. Traditional masculinity often has a bad connotation when talked about in today's social environment and is said to have no place within the current era of sensitivity and acceptance. Although it may be accurate that some men can and are perceived as hateful and abusive people this isn't the case for all men, and some of the traits that seem to be the most negative in today’s culture, these traits can be good traits for people to aspire to have and cultivate, not to eradicate.
Many people believe that men follow a certain set of traits known as the “man box.” Characteristics
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What is overlooked by society, however, is the positive qualities associated with masculinity and how they can help the world progress. Characteristics tied in with masculinity include: “acts as a leader, aggressive, ambitious, analytical, assertive, athletic, competitive, defends own beliefs, dominant, forceful, independent, individualistic, decisive, self-reliant, self-sufficient, willing to take a stand, and willing to take risks”(Doyle 1). All of these traits can be used in productive ways. Instead of bashing all male action and thought, society should take a look at how many masculine qualities prove to be helpful. This way young boys can learn from male idols and become future leaders in government, school, and business. If men are brought up believing masculinity is only toxic, they may be hesitant to adopt any male qualities at all. To prevent this, “we should stop trying to re-engineer the human soul to prevent boys from being boyish” (Newell 3). Stopping young boys from playing competitively, showing independence, or being decisive can be harmful to them in the future. If parents try to prevent competitiveness in their sons, they may not be ambitious later in life which can stop them from being goal-oriented or even competitive in school-life. Decisiveness in males can also be seen as harmful, however if boomer parents try to take this quality away their son could be seen as having less…show more content…
Traits that should be sought after by all and should be congratulated when an individual is found upholding them. Traditional masculinity often has a bad reputation that follows it around, especially in todays social environment. Often said to have no place in todays socio-psychologically sensitized culture. While the the idea of masculinity and men are often under constant scrutiny and used as the scapegoat or the figurehead for antagonists, “if a woman [or femininity] is at the fault there is a great closing of eyes and a great closing of hearts” (Richard F. Doyle 1). This continued inequality and injustice toward the male gender and their descriptive traits is unfair and promotes more feelings of seclusion and isolation in young men in boys and thusly a deeper fall into the “man box”. (Thompkins-Jones 1). Masculinity as anything in this world is only as bad and can only affect as much as you let it. If the world continues to shine men and masculinity in this negative light as they have so well been doing then not only will billions of people feel out of place and ostracized but also shamed into thinking that them being themselves is the worst thing they can do. I hope you do not contribute to this
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