The Positive And Negative Impact Of Cruise Ship Tourism In New Zealand

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Cruise ship tourism is vital to New Zealand
I’m witting this report to show the positive and negative effects of tourism within New Zealand, but mainly focusing on Dunedin’s port. Dunedin’s port is called Port Otago; this port has two berthing facilities, larger ships berth at Port Chalmers and the smaller ships will berth at Port Dunedin which is close to the city of Dunedin. The reason I am writing this report is to find out if the positive outweighs the negative within the community and the environment. In 2013-2014 there were 2 3 vessels into Otago, 133,800 passengers.
One of the negative impacts from cruising in the impact on the environment within New Zealand. Taking a cruise is more harmful to the environment and to humans than
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On the tourism New Zealand website, they have anticipated that in the 2015-2016 seasons, New Zealand will get $543 million going into the country. This is good because some of this money will go into the community and will be able to help the locals. Also having cruise ships going into Dunedin’s port, the local cafes, restaurants and outlet shops will benefit from the tourists when they arrive from the ship. Dunedin hosted about 131,000 cruise ship passengers and 58,000 crew in a season and earned close to $30 million for the community. In 2010/2011 an estimated $130 per port was spent my passengers on retail, transport, cafes/restaurants and…show more content…
This will benefit Dunedin because they can interact with the tourist and give them some knowledge of the local area and then the locals can learn about where the passengers have some from and been to, this then leads on to excursions that passengers can do while off the ship, such as half day city tours around Dunedin, visits to the Cadbury world and Speight’s brewery, wildlife tours and being able to see rare yellow-eyed penguins and this help passengers enjoy their time off the ship and being able to look around the places that they stop at.
The last positive impact would be free promotion for New Zealand; passengers will travel around New Zealand and if they love it so much they will go home to their home countries and tell all their friends and families, so then they may come back and bring more people with them and this will help New Zealand because it is free advertising and brings more money into the economy.
In conclusion there are both great positive and negative impacts for New Zealand and for Dunedin; I personally think that it is great for Dunedin and that having more cruise ships going into Dunedin it will be more beneficial for the region and the community, as long as they can get cruise ships such as princess cruises or Holland cruises, which have processes in place to reduce the risks of environmental
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