The Positive And Negative Effects Of Video Games On University Students

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In modern society, the amount of video game players increased by the widespread availability of technology advancement. For example, Brightman (as cited in Hood, 2011, p. 618) reported that “video games have been part of the entertainment landscape, and what began as a niche community has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry”. With the growing sales amount of video games, it can be simply discovered that there is a growing number of young video game addicts as well. In spite of a part of video games also covered advantages, whereas the negative video games are more than positives. Thus, there are many universities concern that video games may affect student academic performance. Therefore, this essay will argue that compare the impact of video games playing from both harms and benefits side. At first, it will define the meaning of video game and explicate how much time students usually spend on playing video games. Furthermore, it will explain how video game effect university student, which will refer to few examples and surveys through different viewpoints, such as the benefit of video game adopting, school performance tendency…show more content…
It also explored the meaning of video game and provided how much time students generally will spend on playing the video game. In particular, it found a significant benefit of video games which is the platform of education. However, the disadvantages of video game playing have explored as well and ensured that negative impacts are much more than advantages. From few examples, it has been confirmed that violent video game can lead to a lower school performance and cause family conflicts. Finally, it is recommended that universities may need to consider about the apply of appropriate methods for addicts. Moreover, universities may also need to find suitable approaches for preventing addicts not
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