The Positive And Negative Effects Of Cell Phones

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Speculating About Causes Essay Many teenagers could not imagine their lives without their cell phones. There are positive and negative effects from cell phones. For many, it can make one feel safer when alone. It is also a great way to communicate, whenever need may be. However, an addiction to cell phones can be very unhealthy. This can cause a tremendous amount of problems, especially for teens. The dependence teens have on cell phones can have many negative effects. Many teens miss out on more important things in their lives, due to this addiction. Teens can have a loss of focus, which may cause negative consequences such as car accidents, low grades, and struggling relationships. For many teens, cell phones…show more content…
Cell phones can put a major strain on a relationship. Only leaving your phone within arms’ reach can be a negative when one is with a partner. When one uses a cell phone excessively around them, it can cause many problems. If you are on your cell phone, seemingly, the whole time you are with your partner, it may cause them to feel like you care more about the phone than the actual relationship. This isn’t just true for teen relationships; it can also be true for adults. Regardless, it’s best practice to keep the phone out of reach when with your…show more content…
I have heard many people my age talk about this. Many of them may feel lost or nervous without their phone in their hand. If they lost it for a second, they would panic. Some would rather be on their phone than interacting with others or paying attention to the world around them. They would rather be focused on other things that they think is more important, but most of the time it is not. Some are so consumed with it, that it can be very harmful for them. One of the worst negative effects that cell phones have on teens is distracted driving. Accidents are more prone to happen when a cell phone is involved, especially with teenagers. These accidents can be caused by looking at your phone for a split second. A lot of teens, and other people, don’t realize the effects this can have. Teens can get distracted by calls or texts, and it can change their lives forever. Although very common, texts are the only things that contribute to these accidents. Just getting caught up in a phone call conversation can cause a loss of focus. Cell phones are such a common cause of car accidents. Some teens are unaware of the dangerous consequences that occur when using your phone while

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