The Position of Men in The Withered Arm and Turned

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The Position of Men in The Withered Arm and Turned

In this essay, I hope to come to a successful conclusion to the essay

question. I will do this by analysing the two main male characters in

'The Withered Arm' and 'Turned', Mr Lodge and Mr Marroner.

In the narrative 'Turned', Mr. Marroner is a high class, educated

working man who owns his own household. He is married to Mrs. Marroner

and together they employ a servant; Gerta who is much younger than

Mrs. Marroner, uneducated but has worked for Mr. And Mrs. Marroner for

many years. The couple almost treat Gerta as their own child and Mrs.

Marroner being unable to have children ("How they do come when they

are not wanted and don't come where they are wanted" Mrs. Marroner

says when she finds out about Gerta's pregnancy) seems to mother

Gerta. Mr. Marroner got called out to go away on business but he still

kept in touch with his wife by letter, which often included messages

and postcards for Gerta. Mrs. Marroner loved her husband dearly and I

believe that she trusted him, she was "not a jealous woman", and I

think that she held great faith in people.

Mr. Lodge, in 'The Withered Arm' is also wealthy but he is a farmer

who is much respected by the local villagers in his area. He employs

many milkmaids to tend to his cows in his farm. He is married to

Gertrude Lodge at the point in which we meet him in the narrative, but

previously he had been through a relationship with Rhoda Brook who

worked for him. During their relationship, Rhoda fell pregnant with

the farmer's child. Even though according to Rhoda, the two of them

had seemed to have a strong relationship, the couple broke up on the

discovery of the pregnancy.

Mr. Marroner betrayed his wife's trust by having an affair with their

servant, Gerta who also became pregnant as a result of the affair.

Although he did have an affair, he did not let social hierarchy become
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