The Portrayal of Violence in Northeast India: Temsula Ao and Easterine Iralu

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“India’s Northeast is a misshapen strip of land, linked to the rest of the country by a narrow corridor just twenty kilometres wide at its slimmest which is referred to as the Chicken’s Neck. The region has been the battleground for generations of subnational identities confronting insensitive nation states and their bureaucracies as well as of internecine strife. It is a battle that continues, of ideas and arms, new concepts and old traditions, of power, bitterness and compassion.” (Hazarika, 1994: xvi). Any interaction with the youths of the region appraises one of the general discontents that prevail in these states. The deep seated suspicion, distrust and bitterness will be disconcerting to anyone who may have been given to understand that all these where things of the past. They are definitely dissatisfied with the affairs of administration, especially in the field of employment and an alarming number of young man talks of glibly of entering into violent activities.
Political changes have been many. But political change does not mean political development. And Nagaland is a case in point. It has been and still seeing political changes aplenty. There is the great preoccupation with the established and maintenance of peace, there is the human problem of the men who are underground, again there are little bands flirting with Red China and Pakistan and the great problem of educating the thousands of little villages, not only in the conventional sense but also in the firm beliefs of oneness with the entire national unity among themselves and progress through peace. One thing is disappearing, the people’s initiative of governing, for what northeast needs is not sympathy but recognition. These manifold problem...

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