The Portrayal of Family in Charles Dickens' David Copperfield

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The Portrayal of Family in Charles Dickens' David Copperfield


I declare that this study is my own and does not contain any unacknowledged work from any source.



1. COPPERFIELDS (SENIOUR): Dicken’s pattern of 6

happy marriage.

2. DAVID&DORA’S MARRIAGE: the reasons of spiritual 8

separation in the family.

3. DAVID&AGNES’S MARRIAGE: Dicken’s ideal of 12


4. MR.MURDSTONE&CLARA: opposite to Dicken’s ideal 14

Of happy marriage.

5. MICAWBERS: the main components of 16

happy marriage.

6. MR.BARKIS&PEGGOTTY: the importance of women's wisdom 20




David Copperfield became my favorite of all Dickens' novels. Although the novel is rather long ( 736 pages) I have read it in one gulp for the actions that take place in the novel are developed so dynamically that the process of reading itself was like taking a piece of sweet cake. It evoked in me a lot of emotions and I really have been crying and laughing together with the heroes of this novel. The affect of the book on me was so great that I that was even thinking of it days and nights. That is the reason why I have chosen this book for my term paper in order to develop the theme “Family in Charles Dickens' novel ‘David Copperfield’ ”.

Charles Dickens is one of the most popular and ingenious writers of the XIX century. He is the author of many novels. Due to reach personal experience Dickens managed to create vivid images of all kinds of people: kind and cruel ones, of the oppressed and the oppressors. Deep, wise psychoanalysis, irony, perhaps some of the sentimentalism place the reader not only in the position of spectator but also of the participant of situations that happen to Dickens’ heroes. Dickens makes the reader to think, to laugh and to cry together with his heroes throughout his books.

“David Copperfield” was Dickens' favorite creation. The novel reflects writer’s own life – his autobiography. The image and character of David Copperfield corresponds to the image and character of Dickens himself. The range of personages of the novel recalls to us people which were close to Dickens: Micowber is comical portrait of John Dickens, the father of the author; the image of Dora – is the exact copy of the Marry Bindel – the first sweet-heart of the writer; David’s seeking in marri...

... middle of paper ...

... the novel, “Of all my books I like this the best”. Likewise legion readers have come to agree with the author’s own conclusion.

In my paper I tried to trace Dicken's messages and lessons he teaches the reader on the family issue. By masterly usage of the language the author manages to portray good and bad images in order for us to be able to chose which way to follow and which one to avoid. The principles and components of happy marriage that the author is trying to share with us are simple but at the same time ingenious.

I firmly believe that this book is highly useful for young people and should be included in the list of books compulsory for reading in the University.


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