The Pope: John Paul II

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What kind of a man was the Pope? The Pope is said to have been one the nicest human beings on the planet. I believe that the Pope truly was one of the nicest people on the planet. He had a rough childhood with his mother’s death, and later his brother’s was left with only his father. He lived in Poland and lived a fairly lonely life.

When the Pope was in his twenties his father passed away and left him all alone. When the Pope got older he went into the church where he eventually became a cardinal. After a while the Pope was becoming known in the church and soon became a candidate for the role as the Pope. At this particular time Popes were usually Italian and Polish people such as the Pope were looked down upon. The election for Pope was concluding and the news broke out that the new Pope was to be John Paul II.

It meant a lot to the Polish community when they saw a Polish Pope walk through those doors and onto the balcony to greet the crowd. During the years following his nomination the Pope traveled to many places to speak about the power of God and some of his own experiences with God. The Pope is remembered for his kindness towards those he met and spoke with, people said he made them feel important as if what they had to say was his first concern and nothing else mattered. Another event the Pope is remembered for is the assassination attempt as he was waving to a crowd, the man shot the Pope four times at point blank. All four shots missed vital organs. After his recovery the Pope visited his attacker in jail, spoke with him and forgave him.

One of the Popes major accomplishments was helping take down communism. The Pope was touring the countries and telling the people that communism was wrong and that the people should be free to live as they please. Eventually communism fell in Poland and the Pope was the reason. The Pope didn’t use violence or threats to end communism, simply the word of God. This shows that problems can be solved with time and patients.

During the last years of his life Pope John Paul II suffered from many different diseases. Through his suffering the Pope held on and continued to spread the word of God.
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