The Pollution Of Air Pollution

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The detriment of air pollution is that it has far reaching consequences and most often is misplaced long distances by the wind. Polluted air shows up in places where you wouldn’t expect or desire it, like in the most remote parts of beloved national parks or barren wilderness. This can be attributed to higher power plant pipes that transport pollutants above a local community contribute to carrying pollutants sometimes thousands of miles away by wind. This can be particularly true in downwind states, where emissions from industrial boilers and power plants contribute to smog, haze, and air pollution hundreds of miles away (EPA, 2014) . The Clean Air Act has a number of programs designed to reduce downwind transport of pollution from one area to another. Moreover, it has provisions designed to ensure that emissions from one state are not contributing to public health problems in downwind states that are unable to meet the standards, because of pollution blowing in from other areas. The Clean Air Act mandates that every state 's implementation plan prevents their emissions within its boundaries from contributing significantly to air pollution problems in another state (EPA, 2014) . The EPA can take necessary steps to intervene if a state or tribe has not created a plan to address their downwind pollution, including implementing a federal plan to achieve the necessary emission reductions. Also, the act gives any state or tribe the authority to ask the EPA to set emission limits for identifiable causes of pollution in other areas that knowingly contribute to its air quality issues. The Act provides for interstate committees to develop regional strategies for cleaning u... ... middle of paper ... ...ion problems through inspection and maintenance programs. The 1990 Act also established the requirement that passenger vehicles be equipped with on board diagnostics, which trigger the familiar "check engine" dashboard light alerting the driver of a possible pollution control device malfunction. To help ensure that motorists respond to the "check engine" light in a timely manner, the Act requires inspection of the on board diagnostic system. The Clean Air Act addresses public health and enforces public policy in regards to the air we breathe. Quality air not only affects our health, our environment, but also endangers our future if we do not implement plans to curb causes of air pollution. The Clean Air Act has made and continues to make substantial strides to ensure basic health and environmental protection from air pollution for all Americans.

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