The Politics of Obesity in America

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Although the "sizism" movement may have surfaced from the personal problem of an outspoken person, this movement is a political issue that needs to be addressed accordingly. Obesity is not only attributed to physiological but environmental factors as well. Americans are larger than they were 40 years ago (i.e. weigh more, are fatter, and less fit). "Approximately 55% of American adults are overweight" (Fattening 1). Many Americans resolve to lose weight, through do-it-yourself, non-clinical, or clinical means, yet there is no method that offers long-term weight loss. America's quest to increase self-esteem and attractiveness has created profits for the weight-loss industry while 22.5% of Americans remain clinically obese (1). Obesity is an excess of body fat. While an excess amount of total body weight including all tissues and water is classified as overweight. Obese and overweight people are characterized as lazy but a body builder with muscle mass is considered overweight but not obese. Some elderly people and "couch potatoes" are considered obese but not overweight. Bod...
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