The Political Theories Of Political Theory

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Studying the nature of politics involves the analysis of a plethora of various individual components that altogether shape the overall political theories of the great political philosophers throughout history. Politics is the pursuit of achieving a strong, just, and successful system of governance, which encompasses the distribution of power and economic structure. The progression and evolution of political theory is made evident through the study of great minds such as Aristotle, Machiavelli, Locke, and even more recent entities like those of the founding fathers of the United States. As civilization and societies have advanced, the political systems that govern those civilizations have also adapted to meet the necessities of the time. Despite the large span of time between the eras of these philosophers, there are certain aspects of their works and theories have been timeless and are common amongst them. All have analyzed innate human behavior and its effects of political systems. Themes of human nature, justice and virtue, freedom, and the roles and rights of citizens have been common components to name a few. More narrowly however, words like liberty, or freedom, virtue, and selfishness have had resounding significance in all of these philosophers’ works. These terms are rather vague out of context and thus require a more in depth investigation to understand their significance in political theory. First and foremost, the most resounding theme in all of politics and the work of the mentioned political theorists is human nature, which includes man’s inherent and innate tendencies and behavior. It seems it is generally agreed upon that humans are, by nature, selfish creatures that act and decide in a way that they rationalize w... ... middle of paper ... ...itizen to not only understand their rights and liberties, but to employ them in a manner that benefits the society and in turn themselves. Politics is an ever-advancing science that pursues perfection in a matter where perfection may never be found but a huge problem that amplifies this in modern society is the ignorance of large numbers of people, and it is one that can be fixed through emphasis of politics in education. It may be argued that politics, since it defines the way we live, is as important of a science as mathematics and biology. It can be introduced at an early age and allow for kids, teenagers, and college students to become more engaged in political science early on. We have seen many great inventions and ideas from young minds in the realm of technology, and it’s about time that a young brilliant mind finds an improvement to our political structure.

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