The Police Force: The Use Of Force

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According to the Dictionary of Policing, “Force is the exercise of physical coercion by the police in the performance of their duties” (Rappert). While many believe that the use of force by police is not needed and only causes more problems, there are also people who support officers and their use of force in order to protect. Police should be able to use force without opposition to detain people trying to harm others, save their own lives, and stop escalating situations. A police officer’s job is to protect civilians by keeping criminals off the streets. Without the use of force, this duty would become quite difficult. Some people try to turn the use of police force into a race issue when it has absolutely nothing to do with it. While some…show more content…
Although police officers sometimes accidentally take lives, more lives are saved than those mistakenly taken. If officers did not apply some force when opposed, people would have no reason to listen and obey the laws they enforce. Police would gain no respect from civilians, and many officers would end up dead. In many cases, such as Tyron Lewis in 1996 and Michael Brown in 2014, minorities believe that police are targeting certain races when they use a gun as a means to protect themselves. While many people without any law enforcement training think that an officer is only supposed to injure the suspect to stop them, officers are actually trained to use lethal force to stop a threat (Mitchell). Numerous cases of police brutality exist, but just because an officer uses lethal force does not mean it qualifies as brutality. Police brutality is when there is proof that an officer or officers meant to bring harm upon a suspect in custody or anyone in general (Champion). Many cops exist that have bad intentions, but for the most part, law enforcement officers join the force to help protect their communities and families. Lately, it seems that cases are always in the news about some sort of police brutality or riots caused by an officer shooting someone. In reality though, police hardly ever use force; the International Association of Chiefs of Police found that officers use force less than one percent of the time or less than four out of every ten-thousand calls they go out on (Champion). Law enforcement should be commended for their efforts of keeping their communities safe from harm, instead of being under constant attack. Most do this duty while still preventing harm of the

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