The Police

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Sidney approached the entrance leading to the stairs and the bed waiting above. Not much time for sleep since leaving Sunday, and the need weighed heavily upon him. “Wha—what took place here?” Police tape barred his way. On the apartment and not the restaurant, he thought; don’t think care for the explanation. The answer meant something happened to Sally, which gave digestion trouble. His key turned in the lock and he warily pushed the door open. He ducked the tape, and headed up the stairs. A stair squeaked under him, and he paused to listen. “Stop being stupid. Everyone is gone. The police did their duty and left.” In the living room he spotted the scrapbook on the coffee table with pages torn out. “How did this get here? Sally took it to her bedroom.” A light bulb went off when he made an inspection. The missing sheets contained the birth announcement and pictures of the girl. The conversation with himself continued. “Why tear those out? Furthermore, she’d never leave it there in that condition. What’s wrong here?” On entering her bedroom, he stood in the doorway taking in the scene. A voice behind him said, "This is the police. Down on the floor and hands on your head." "What’s going on?" "Are you Sidney Welch?" "Yes, who wants to know?" His arms were pinned behind his back and the cuffs clamped hard on his wrists. "You’re under arrest for the murder of Sally Jackson. Anything you say, can, be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford one, a councilor will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights?" "Yes, yes, but I didn’t kill anyone. What do you mean Sally’s murdered, why would I? She never did an... ... middle of paper ... ... a weapon. Her kitchen is full of knives other than my own. I’m trained in special ops, and leaving a one of a kind. Do you actually think I’d be so dumb?" Baker gave him a piercing stare. "What you say may be all ok. Nonetheless, we still haven't taken you off our list." "If you want me, I won't be hard to locate. Whoever killed her I'm going to find. A unique woman and she didn't deserve to be murdered. So you are aware, nothing happened between us except her giving me help." "You leave the looking to us.” He figured he wasted breath, but Steinberg added, “Keep out of trouble." Sidney turned and then remembered something. "Can I remove my things? It’s cold outside, and I need them if I’m forced to stay in the street." "I guess that’s OK, but you’ll wait for an officer to go with you. We can't let you take more than belongs to you now can we?"

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