The Poetry of T.S. Elliot

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Journey to the Waste Land
Who is the magnificent Thomas Stearns Eliot or T.S Eliot for short? Besides the fact that he was long distant family to former presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, he was an incredible poet. Eliot had come out the womb writing in September 23, 1888 in the small city of St. Louis, Missouri (Murphy 3). You can call him “the man who virtually invented the idea of separating the poet from the poem and the life and times from work has been subjected to more analysis and interpretation” (Murphy 3). His mother Charlotte influenced him due to the fact that,” she was a school teacher” and always was teaching students (Murphy 3). T.S Eliot grew up in a well-active community along the Mississippi River which “shaped Eliot’s poetry and acute sense of place” (Murphy 3). Thomas being so active and known widely throughout is community gave him a push towards writing poetry. He studied at Harvard University and majored in Sanskrit. The Letters of T.S Eliot was amongst the greatest literary successes he had. He had done numerous of poems, plays and wrote skits. Like they say good things must come to an end, T.S Eliot was pronounced dead on January 4, 1955 due to Emphysema.
Thomas Stearns Eliot was a strong voice within the modernist movement, “the birth of modernism within poetry is usually defined by the publication date…The movement began within the end of 19th century after World War I and was continued into the mid 1900’s.” Authors like Modernist authors such as Joyce, Pound and Eliot had a different approach than others, “they were obsessed with the idea that literary artist could create any text in any medium, be in the novel, poetry or even a theatrical piece, that would freely and enthusiastical...

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...oth of T.S Eliot poems were influenced by Modernism times, through Disillusionment which is overcame by Restoration.

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