The Poetry Of Langston Hughes

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Langston Hughes Langston Hughes is considered one of the greatest African American poets to live in the last century. Langston Hughes wrote poems over oppression from 1926-1964, he wrote many poems, jazzes, blues, and spirituals. Langston Hughes uses America as symbolism to indicate that America represents more than just a country and it embodies “The American Dream” and freedom. Langston Hughes was born February 01, 1902 in Joplin, Mississippi. His full name is not known for sure it is either James Langston Hughes or James Mercer Langston. Langston began his career as a writer in high school. He lived in Lawrence, Kansas with his grandmother and following high school he moved to Mexico with his father for a short period of time. Hughes attended Columbia University as well as Lincoln University after completing high school(you repeated this). He earned a scholarship to Lincoln University in Oxford, Pennsylvania where he received Bachelor of Arts degree. After completing his college (remove he)degree, he began his professional career as a writer. Hughes first ever piece of literature to be published was “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”. In 1960, Hughes received the Spingard(is this spelled correctly?) Medal for outstanding achievement by a black person. The following year Hughes is elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Sadly, (remove on) May 22, 1967 Langston Hughes dies from complications during surgery for prostate cancer. The New York City Preservation Commission made his home a city landmark. Hughes first biography, The Big Sea, may be his most lasting single book, though its aesthetic values are very mixed. In a critique written by Harold Bloom, Bloom writes “I come to the sad conclusion that Hughes’s principal work... ... middle of paper ... ...s poem. He isn’t using it to denote the country itself, he is using the word to represent “The American Dream” and freedom, even though they aren’t truly free in America. In Langston's poem “Let America be America Again” Hughes includes the word America over and over. In restating America, he represents the “American Dream” and freedom to all citizens. Later he explains that everyone in America isn’t free and many are still being oppressed. America doesn’t represent America, it represents the “American Dream” and freedom from oppression which a lot of people don’t have. All together Langston Hughes was an incredible writer, but had limited things that he wrote about other than his own life. Hughes was an extremely intelligent person and was a gifted writer. Hughes had a massive impact on the African American community’s place in modern America (needs more words here).

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