The Poetry Of Ariel And The Colossus By Sylvia Plath

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Sylvia Plath Sylvia Plath born into a middle class family in Boston Massachusetts USA on October 27, 1932. Sylvia was an american poet, novelist and short story writer. Sylvia studied at the University of Cambridge before she starting her carrier as poet and writer. Sylvia Plath was married with the famous poet Ted Hughes in 1956 and in 1962 they separated. Sylvia Plath father death and the chaotic relationship with her husband brought to the surface her mental disorder. Sylvia Plath suffers for clinical depression and bipolar disorder most of her adult live. That mental illness was the cause of her few intent to commit suicide that ultimate finish with her life. Her career was directly affected by her personality disorders.…show more content…
At this point her emotional distress increase tremendously and she was almost without money. In top of that, the cool winter made their life more difficult, because the pipe of her apartment get freeze. Whoever Sylvia takes the first hours of the morning between four and eight in the morning to write her poetry. She need to spent the rest of the day taking care of the children because she fire the nanny. Still her difficult situation she was able to finished a poem at day. Theses poems were published after her death and Sylvia become famous at this time. The poems Ariel and the Colossus and other poems are the most important poems of her work. Theses poems are responsible of her immortality as poet. On this poems her emotional distress and her darkness though become more tactile. Sylvia feelings of despair made her believe that that she will fail as a poem writer. Sylvia was able to transmitted her pain into her…show more content…
Hughes was dishonest with Sylvia at many levels but specially as a father. Hughes extramarital relationship let Sylvia with more anxiety and depression than ever. But Hughes let her alone with two small kids, without money in a middle of the cool winter in London. Hughes later gets married Assia Welville she also commit suicide. Apparently Hughes posses a strong character , he was abuser with his wife 's and he always put him in a first place. Hughes a father was supposed to take care of his kids and wife, because he know about Sylvia mental illness and her economic situation. But most important he was supposed to look for medical support for her. Hughes posses a type of personality that is similar to a demon. He is able to destroy every woman that fall in love for him. He was a narcissist person that only success as a poet. Sylvia put her hopes of happiness in a wrong hands, because it seen like Hughes also do not have idea on how to love another person besides him. Sylvia survived a few attempt of suicide but in the coolest winter in London in February 11 in 1963 Sylvia kill herself. She left behind two small kids from her marriage with

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