The Poem Give Thanks by Sandra Maria Esteves

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A mother is the first touch, voice and sight a baby has when he or she is born. They rely on their mother to provide them with a safe environment, food and comfort. Being a mother comes with great responsibility and a life long job that the work gets harder every day. Although I myself am not a mother, I have seen this job played out from my own mother who provides her children with a great life. Some mothers are not ready for this job, yet selfishly still choose to keep their children because they are too proud to allow someone else provide their baby with the life they deserve. Child abandonment is a ever rising epidemic not only in The United States, but all around the world. Child abandonment affects the mother, but more importantly, the child that is being abandoned. In the poem by Sandra Maria Esteves titled “Give Thanks”, she lists all the “jobs” a mother does for their children and how special they are, which is something children who are abandoned by their mothers will never experience. The abandonment of a mother leads to negative psychological effects. This is detrimental to a child’s development because they grow up with a void that cannot be replaced by just anyone and will never be able to experience the things that Sandra Maria Esteves talks about in her poem.
In Sandra Maria Esteves poem “Give Thanks”, she says “Give thanks for the mamas who never let you go / even when you belonged to someone else / but adopted you as their own”. This is about mothers who let their children go, and giving thanks to the mothers who take them in as their own. However, the mother that does adopt them will never be able to replace the feeling of abandonment the child has. That child will always know that for some reason they were ne...

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...e and social problems. Sandra Maria Esteves talked about what life would be like for these children if they had a mother, but now the door is opened to what abandoned children go through on a daily basis.
Sandra Maria Esteves spoke about the glorious life some children live with having the care from a mother. She talked about the great things they would bond over and all the things the mother would do for their children. However, 62.4% of children will never see this. Not because their vision is impaired, but their mothers decided a different life for themselves that did not include them. The mothers selfish act lead to lifelong effects on their child that surpass just not knowing who their mother is. Sandra Maria Esteves opened up the world of how great a mother is, but the world of those 62.4% of children is a dark and deep one with negative psychological effects.
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