The Plotting Of Iago Is Both Incredible And Without Substance in Othello

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In William Shakespeare's tragic drama Othello we see a morally depraved character, named Iago. Throughout the play he has a plan to bring down a general named Othello, this plan goes from, what seems like, strength to strength. Yet does it? Is the plan Iago makes believable or even realistic?

The plan Iago makes appears to be far too over convenient, the plan changes after certain factors are either added in or taken away from the plotting he is doing. For example when the fight happened between Roderigo and Cassio, Iago kills Roderigo and Cassio is wounded. When this happens Cassio's lover, Bianca appears at the scene and Iago is able to blame it on her because, she has a reputation for not being honest. That is not the only time in the play he changes the plan in a matter of seconds, to fit what he wants, and it works. This can all make it seem very unrealistic because, it is assumed that in real life that would just not happen.

Also the fact that it is set over just 3 days is unrealistic in itself. I think that for a man and women to be deeply in love, wed and then have each other turned against them would surly take longer than 3 days. For example, when Emilia steals Desdemona's strawberry handkerchief for Iago. In this scene we are told he has begged he to steal it "a hundred times", and this scene is all supposed to be set in just one morning. This makes you feel as though it is slightly exaggerated purely for the purpose of Iago's plot.

In addition many of the characters class him as their confidante, for example Roderigo, Cassio, Desdemona and even Othello. You would think with all these people so close to him one of them would realise what was happening but they just do not. They all refer to him as "honest", in fact the word honest appears fifty-two times, repeatedly about Iago. Right up until the final scene no one knows anything of Iago's plan, until Emilia reveals what she knows. This all puts quite an unrealistic spin on the plan, for all the characters are supposed to be noble and wise, so you would believe that Iago would have been found out before all this. Especially by Othello, when Iago is telling him the best way to kill Desdemona.

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