The Pleasure I Got from the Princess Stone

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“Oh, what a beautiful thing; a thing so unimaginable, so personal, so realistic, so elegant.” I said as I lay my eyes on it. I guess I have been addicted to it every since. For quite some time now, I have just begun to realize how important that “thing” is to me. The pleasure I get by looking at “it” is just indescribable. My eyes just do not seem to move away from it; right from the time, it was given to me. My first interaction with ‘it” came when I was only a puny, little girl. I was around the age of eight at that time my parents gave “it” to me. They had come home one day with a big, golden bag in their hand. The bag had written “The Princess Store” on it. I thought, well I am their princess, disregarding my younger sister, could it be for me? My parent opened the bag up and out came a dazzlingly pink ring. The ways it twinkled and glimmered, when it hit the light, made me want to go and grip it out of my mother’s hand. I was just as flattered as Romeo was when he first saw Juliet. I did not know what happened to me from the time I laid my eyes on it. However, my mother shat...
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