The Play, Her Stories And Her Bags Of Bones By Toni Morrison

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Toni Morrison illustrates Pilate in complete opposition to Macon’s stubbornness, “instead of repressing the past, Pilate carries it with her in the form of her song, her stories and her bags of bones”. To seek comfort Pilate discovers music to take control of her past and bad history (Visvis). Pilate is able to create a healthy environment for her family as she is able to navigate through the history of her family, whereas Macon generates hostility (Chick). When Macon and Pilate found a dead body when they were kids, she did not take the gold they had found, but only traveled back for the skeleton. Pilate revealed to Macon and Milkman that her father’s ghost advised her to go back for the bones, believing that life is precious and should not…show more content…
For Pilate to relieve her conscience, she couldn’t leave a dead body behind, due to her pledge to her father. When Pilate was brought into the world she was ripped open from her mother’s womb; born without a navel she “is a living embodiment of antiquity” (Fulton). Pilate was conscious of what others thought of her when she was younger, but no longer worries about her insecurity that of not having a navel (Morrison 148). Pilate was also Milkman’s guide throughout his life, even though he was not aware of it; she was able to teach Milkman responsibility, how to interact with his past and therefore taught how to fly (Fulton). As Pilate dies, Morrison reveals that “without ever leaving the ground , she could fly”. Pilate’s way of living gave her freedom and strength, so she was always capable of flight (Morrison 336). Guitar and Milkman’s relationship undergoes a strenuous transformation throughout the novel. Primarily, they are…show more content…
Milkman experiences a spiritual journey to understand his past and culture, therefore he is awakened as a better man. Morrison’s late coming of age tale through Milkman’s perspective comments that anyone can learn to take flight despite being low-minded and unfocused. The significance of flight as the focus of the novel is a representation of love and surrendering to your mistakes, by embracing familial

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