The Play Everyman And Death

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The play Everyman adopted by Lindsay Prince is a play that will never die. Everyman is a play that awakens your soul and wants you to repeat for your sins as a believer in Jesus. I enjoyed reading Everyman but there are two parts that I feel the writer could have executed it differently. Throughout the rest of this paper I will be giving a brief summary of the arts in Everyman that can be changed, why I feel the two scenes should be changed, talk about changes, and my own version to the two scenes. Death presented himself to everyman to deliver God’s message that he must die. Everyman wanted to bring a friend with his to die and Death agrees that if everyman can find a friend he can die with them. I had a problem with this scene between death and Everyman. I believe one is born into the world with holding God’s hand. Death should have explained to everyman that he could not take anyone with him of flesh to heaven. As you read further into the play Knowledge, Goodwitts, Confession, and Good deeds are personificationize. This is rewrite for the scene between Death and Everyman: Everyman: Wait a minute, wait a minute. God have mercy on me! Do I have to go alone? Can’t I take friends, what if I found someone to go with me? (This line is from…show more content…
So I wanted to incorporate it to get across a message to Everyman. It seems as if everyman lacked knowledge about god because he did not read the bible in the original play. A person who sins but read the bible should know how God operates but everyman was lacking that. My remix between Everyman and Death with the Bible educates everyman instead of beating around the bush as the original did. To keep some of the parts in the play I decided to let Death not promise everyman that he can find someone to die with but to rather let everyman learn on his own. Death does not grant everyman permission to do so but he lets everyman have his way to see that his way is not going to work
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