The Play, By The Way, Meet Vera Stark

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Reflection of the play, “By the Way, Meet Vera Stark” In the play, “By the Way, Meet Vera Stark”, the two main characters, Vera Stark and Anna Mae play a significate role in the plays main theme of racial discrimination. The choice they made to decide to lie about their race came from the fact that racial discrimination was an issue and they knew they wouldn’t be looked at for a major role in a play. I found this to be very sad that they couldn’t be themselves and had to lie about who they truly are. This play also brings to light the issue that many people face in today’s society of conforming to society’s image of being the perfect American. Anna Mae lied about her race and said she was Brazilian. She did this to try to get a part in a movie that isn’t a slave role she is better than. She believed that if she pretends not to be African American, her chances of stardom will catapult her as well as being offered inoffensive roles. Today, you can still see people pretending to be a different race then what they are to get what they want. One women stands out in my head that I recently learned about who has lied about her race is Rachel Dolezal. She has been pretending to be African American when she is not. Dolezal is a civil rights activist and former Africana studies instructor. She has also been on the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. She has been under a lot of controversy because her white parents have said publicly states that she is a white women passing as black. So unfortunately, the issue of lying and changing oneself to move up in society can still be seen today. Anna Mae became ashamed with who she was as an African American. She believed if he continued to pretend to be someone she wasn’... ... middle of paper ... is still occurring today. But media can also bring negative effects to the struggle in living up to social standards to today’s society “norms”. Anna Mae was very brave in lying about her identity to become someone she really wanted to be. But, I feel she should have never had to have done that. He story just goes to show how the power of society can change you as a human being. It can make you believe that you must change your identity in order to “fit in” which I find to be very sad. I think that more people in this world need to stand up to theses stereotypes of being the “perfect American” and say that no one is perfect in this world and everyone is created by the most perfect human God. Overall, racial discrimination is a part of our everyday lives and "By the Way, Meet Vera Stark" can still speak to us today, even with the play set in a time 80 years ago.

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