The Plant of Plentiful Power

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Truly unknown to society, yet it has the ability to save lives. It has been discriminated due to historical racial issues, and one sided protection of investments. Medicinal marijuana should be legalized because it was outlawed due to corporate greed, it would be a boost to the country's struggling economy, it would help thousands of diseased people and it does not raise the crime rate in the legalized area.
To begin with, marijuana has been around for thousands of years and was once a very prominent industry. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp, used hemp as a material and were advocates for the use of hemp. Yet, during the 1920’s and 1930’s multiple industry tycoons realised that hemp was starting to cut their profits. They all decided that hemp had to be banned, so they started a smear campaign against the drug to help protect their profits. They based their campaign on the hatred of mexicans and that marijuana is what made them crazy. These tycoons also made propaganda films depicting med slaughtering their families with axes after smoking marijuana once. All this media attention caused President Franklin D. Roosevelt to outlaw marijuana in 1937. Helpful substances should not be outlawed due to the greed of big companies.
Secondly, medicinal marijuana has the potential to boost the country’s struggling economy in multiple ways. Medical marijuana is a taxable drug that is expected to bring the government of colorado over $578,000,000 in the first year alone (Miles). It is also a natural resource that has the practicality to make the cotton, paper, soybean and fossil fuels industry more efficient and eco-friendly (Marijuana). Medical marijuana comes from the hemp plant. After the marijuana is harve...

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