The Plague Of The Bubonic Plague

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Many people think that the bubonic plague is far gone but what they don’t know it is still very alive. The Black Plague, which originated from the “Black Death. It goes all the way back to an outbreak in china in the 1330s (Perlin 1). The Black Plague killed a lot of people very quickly. The disease disappeared in 1353 but never fully went away. Smaller outbreaks contributed to occur for years on years (Perlin 1). Now in 2015, more outbreaks are occurring. The Bubonic Plague can be caught by rodents and fleas, it can be cured easily and not many have died from it.
The bubonic plaque can get from rodents and fleas. The most common way the plague can be caught is by fleas. Fleas usually live on animals. If those animals are infected with the plague they can give it to the fleas. People who have animals or people go in the woods a lot can easily be bitten by a flea and get the disease. Most of the plaque outbreaks occur in the western United States. Places like Africa and Asia have the greatest amount of Plague cases. (Storrs 2). “It would be very difficult to kill off an entire population of fleas” (Storrs 2). It would be well too hard to kill all the fleas. The only way to kind of stop the spread is to cure each person who gets it. It is impossible to try and stop the fleas from biting people. People would need to stay covered when going onto the woods, since that is where most of the people are getting bitten from.
When the Bubonic Plague first came out in the early 1330s in china, there were no cures for it. Basically, if someone were to get it, he or she would most likely die. The Bubonic Plague back then spread so quickly that thousands of people probably died each week. What also contributed to the fact that the plague sprea...

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...e. With the cases where many have gotten the plaque only a few have died. The plague is easier to be treated and cured now that everything is so modernized. Most cases of the plague in the United States is usually the Bubonic plague. Two other forms that are rarely seen in today’s tome are blood and lungs. The Bubonic will probably continue to exist but as long as these cases are always treated, there should be no problems.

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